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2 Simple Attention Grabbing Kitchen Cabinets

I always love kitchen cabinets, but these two designs left me in awe.

The uniqueness and simplicity of the cabinetry was terrific. I will be sharing the contents of a folded paper I found in my house.

A Mere Paper That Made My Day

As I was tidying up my house, I found a folded paper. Upon unfolding the paper, I saw two fantastic designs of kitchen cabinets. I will be describing them shortly.

Here are the designs,

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The model comprises of majorly wood and minor hardware finishing. They are simple but styled in their finishing making them very attractive and distinguishable. They have recessed and spacious doors.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The cabinetry has a combination of glass and wooden doors. The wooden doors are spacious. The color is lovely and matches the atmosphere. The glass doors are clear, and you can see what is inside. The doors are well designed and easily replaceable.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Their color makes them a favorite choice. They seem to brighten the entire kitchen bringing the glowing effect. They match well with the design and color of the mortar/ceiling. They make the kitchen noticeable from far. They have a fantastic color finish.

Parting shot

The cabinetry is simple, unique, attractive, and inviting. The doors and the hardware are easily replaceable. The good thing, you can do it yourself (DIY).


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4 Economic Factors That May Push The World To Dystopia

Going by what is happening in the world today; dystopia may be around the corner. Everything seems to be out of place and out of reach for the ordinary people. The gap between the poor and the rich seems to be widening every day. However, there is still hope of preventing dystopia.

By the way, what is Dystopia?

In a nonprofessional’s language, it is an imaginary place where people live in fear and inhuman conditions. Actors and novelists refer to it as an imaginary place in the future. They never thought it could be a reality in years to come. If efforts to have a free and better living environment fails, we could slip to dystopia.
However, in 2012, the world economic forum defined dystopia as drifting into anarchy or lawlessness of established nations. It was to happen if the countries did not adequately meet their citizen’s financial and social needs.

In this article, we will highlight the economic factors that may push the world to dystopia. Let us have a look at those factors,

Untamable agricultural prices

The ever-changing climatic conditions have put the agricultural sector in an awkward situation. Where does this leave the farmer? Poor weather conditions may hinder high yields leading to losses despite the massive investment. It forces the farmer to adjust the prices upwards to cover the losses. The farmer can also decide to lay off some staff to remain afloat. All these acts by the farmer have social implications, the low-income earners inability to cope with the high costs.

Acute income disparity

The emergence of technology has dealt a big blow to the human labor market. What happens when technology takes over almost all sectors? It leads to massive unemployment and redundancy. It will undoubtedly widen the gap between the poor and the rich. Remember as human labor increase, the wages decrease. Therefore, the low-income class is unable to afford essential commodities. It may lead to civil strife.

Inflation and other market variations

Nowadays, the worlds commonly used currencies keep on fluctuating. Each day their values are different. The cost of doing business is unpredictable leading to price instability. The international market rates are always flaccid. The net effect is destabilizing the purchasing power of the citizens.

Unpredictable energy sector

The change of climatic conditions from time to time will affect the availability of raw materials for energy generation. The scarcity could trigger an increase in the pricing of fuel and electricity. It will indirectly affect the prices of essential commodities thereby affecting the citizens negatively.

How to prevent Dystopia

Tensions, violence, and other upheavals are world over. The good thing though, there is still hope. Below are remedy measures,

Collaboration between governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, and civil societies

Engaging sincerely and having compromises here and there will make stability an achievable reality among the stakeholders.

Putting measures in place to regulate technological advancement

There should be a balance between the use of technology and human labor.

Putting good quality governance structures in place

The establishments can accomplish this by offering quality services and being accountable.

They should also work towards winning the trust of the citizens. Bridging the gap between the poor and the rich is another component.

Incorporating major cities in fighting the vice

All major cities should be on government radar as centers for surveillance of technological advancement, service delivery, and security maintenance. The reason is straightforward; many people are relocating to urban centers at an alarming rate.

The world will inevitably drift to dystopia unless we do the needful. There is a significant disparity between the rich and the poor is widening at an alarming rate. We hear of all manner of the evil world over, these points to how unfair the establishments have been.

​ However, not all hope is gone. Dystopia is tamable and preventable.



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Why A Trip To Singapore Will Remain In Your Memories For Long

Are you ready for a memorable vacation? Be my guest as we unravel Singapore’s mysterious power of attraction.

There are many places to visit in the world, however; a visit to Singapore comes with a bang of surprises. It has a wealth of many exciting places worth a visit. Everything in Singapore is well organized. From the transport, communication, hospitality, tourism, and many other sectors, the story is the same.

Remember hearing is not seeing

The things you have heard about Singapore might have been myths. Traveling there makes you a witness of what you have heard. You will go back home with a wealth of experience, realities, and memories.

I know you are asking, what is so essential or good that can come out of that small city. Well, continue reading my friend you will understand why.

Now let us drive through Singapore as we visit various attraction sites.

Here we go,

10 Amazing places on our go-to list

  1. The Merlion Park

Merlion Park is a mouth-watering site, which defines Singapore’s past. The Park is known for hosting a 70-ton semi fish/lion structure. You can take selfies and photos as you pose near the structures.

  1. Fort Canning Park

Do you want to watch cultural, theatrical and concert performances? Here you go. It was formerly a defense fort. There are also sculptures and an old stylish bungalow.

  1. Sentosa Island

If you want to sunbathe, then you are on the right track. It is here where you will find Siloso beach. Fort Siloso is also on this island. Other areas of attraction include Merlion statute and an underwater aquarium. There are also courts for playing.

  1. Raffle hotel Singapore

For your accommodation and eateries, this is the right place. There are other sightseeing sceneries here, Raffles landing site, ancient architecture, and gardens. The hotel is on a historic site.

  1. Orchard road

Do you love shopping? This is your site. Here you find over 25 stores and shopping malls. You will also be able to watch movies here. There are excellent eateries to cater for your cravings.

  1. Singapore Zoo

It is a nice place to quench your love for animals with well-kept vegetation and clean environs. It is one of the world’s best-rated Zoos. There is more scenery here, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, and River Safari.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

A complex where you will find a shopping mall with an underground canal with a star rated hotel. You will be able to view sceneries on the hotel’s rooftop. You can also take selfies and photos there.

  1. Mount Faber

Do you want to travel in a cable car? You are on the starting and finishing station. You will be able to view the CBD scenery while on board the cable car.

  1. Cathedral of the good shepherd

It is the right place for your religious sanctification and worship.

  1. Sri Veeramakaliamma Temple

It is also a holy place with many attendees. Plan to attend early or else you will find the  place congested.

Oh no, our trip has ended. I hope you have enjoyed the sites to the fullest. Do you think these memories will fade away quickly? Bye for now, let us meet again as we visit and explore more amazing sites.




3 Unusual Structures Of A Company’s Purchasing Function

In the business world today, all company’s operational functions must work in harmony. However, the purchasing unit is very crucial in propelling the company to the next level.

What is Purchasing Function then? A purchasing function is the procurement of products to meet the company’s needs for sustainability and growth.

Yes, maximizing profit through a useful purchasing function. Are you getting me? It is the role of the purchasing function to go an extra mile in getting quality for the right price and on time. Reaching out to various suppliers for price quotes to compare and peak the cheapest supplier for quality products. A less complex purchasing function will shield the company from excessive or inflated costs. It will also minimize unnecessary delays in customer satisfaction.

Types of the purchasing function

  1. The small business purchasing function
  2. Centralized purchasing function
  3. Decentralized purchasing function

Purchasing function for a small business

Having a purchasing person for an upcoming business is an essential component towards growth. The purchasing process is straightforward because decision-making is limited to an individual. Having direct contact with the supplier is another advantage. You can make orders on short notice without inconveniencing daily operations. You can be able to solve issues very fast as they arise because the supplier is within reach. However, as the business grows, the purchasing function should also increase to over-strain the purchasing officer.

Centralized purchasing function

Once a company starts opening new branches, a centralized purchasing function becomes essential. Most companies adopt a centralized purchasing system or center. It involves purchasing products from a central area. An executive manager oversees the centralized processes — all procurement staff of the entire company work under this executive. The purchasing clerks from each branch make purchase requisitions to be acted upon by the central purchasing function.

The main advantage of this function is getting goods or services at a reduced cost. Since the centralized purchasing function buys in large quantities, they can bargain for price cuts and discounts.

There is room for specialization, especially for the purchasing assistants. They can specialize in a particular line of products resulting in faster deliveries.

Decentralized purchasing function

In this set up each branch is accountable for its profits. The complex nature of each outlet informs a decentralized purchasing function. What calls for this form of purchasing? If a company acquires a business or businesses that operate on a different industry or niche, then this is right model of purchasing. Decentralized purchasing function resembles the one for small business.

Working directly with clients is the main advantage of this purchasing model. The supplier can supply goods on short notice or demand. Conflict resolution is also speedy.

Other companies incorporate both decentralized and centralized functions for convenience. For essential services, they decentralize purchases, and for non-essentials, they centralize the purchases.

The evolution of the purchasing function

Purchasing function has undergone drastic development the better part of the 21st century. The purchasing department now rates well with other company departments such as finance, HR, marketing and others.

It also reduces the company’s operational costs. In the competition arena, the function performs a significant role through maximizing profits through price negotiations and timely deliveries.

As the products and services diversify so is the purchasing function. Customer demands and preference is another aspect here; the department must rise to the occasion and meet the demand.
Gone are the days when anybody could purport to be purchasing personnel. A lot of investment has been put in place to equip the department to match the market demand.

Remember, a purchasing function can break or make a company. Investing in the department through budget allocation is very important to maximize its potential. A company is as good as its purchasing.





The Load Is Too Heavy

In most remote parts of Africa, the roads are impassable or not there at all. When it comes to transporting goods or any form of load, it is a nightmare. Many folks take it upon themselves to carry their wares/loads on their back, shoulders, or head. Mercy happens to come from a remote village in Kenya. Her father died when she was only one year old and was left with her mother. Her mother has been everything to her.

At the age of three, her mother started taking her to Sunday school. In Sunday school, they were taught many bible stories. Most of the stories made no sense to her, and she kept on asking her teacher many questions. Not being satisfied by what the teacher taught them, she would go home and pester her mother with many questions. Her mother only told her “my daughter you will soon understand.” 

Then one day, their Sunday school teacher told them a very touching story. She told them how that morning, as she came to church, she had found a grandma seated beside a big load of firewood. The old woman seemed unable to lift or even carry the load. “I offered to assist the old woman by carrying the big load to her place.”

Mercy was curious, “why are you telling us this story?” The teacher just laughed and told Mercy. We are supposed to offer assistance to others when they are overwhelmed as the bible teaches us. If you want to show the mercy and love of God, emulate Jesus, He died on the cross and took away our loads of sin, the teacher continued.

Teacher, yesterday I found a certain kid struggling to carry a full 5-liter bottle of water but just passed by was I wrong. Mercy asked. Yes, Mercy you were wrong, the teacher told her. 

Next time, I promise to lend a hand when I find a kid with a big load, Mercy told her teacher.
Did you know?

As Christians, we should assist others with the gifting we have. Assist a friend by showing them a way through a difficult situation. In doing so, you are fulfilling what Jesus did on the cross. He took away loads and loads of our sins.

Today’s Key Verse: Matthew 11:28 “Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

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10 Setbacks To Know Before You Become A Celebrity

Many young people aspire to become celebrities. However, unknown to them is the life of a celebrity. Celebrities make a lot of money, visit famous places, and share platforms with great leaders. Nevertheless, the other side of their life is not something many of us would want to experience. Remember, money will only take care of the outer man but not the inner man. Yes, Money can take care of physical needs but not the emotional part of it.

Celebrities can enjoy performing before large crowds however are they always happy. Not at all, a void in them needs socialization. I have gone an extra mile to consolidate various challenges that many celebrities go through. Keep on reading.

Here below are the challenges,

Losing touch with family and friends

The tight schedules a celebrity has may put off friends and family. Many celebrities travel both locally and internationally thereby interacting with friends and relatives is minimal. The things they did together are no longer tenable. Even when one is around, the high presence of security detail may put off any meaningful interaction.

Pressure to outsmart past performance

One is always under pressure to please their audience and sponsors. Remember you are not doing it for you but your fans. Whatever the situation, your goal is to please others. This may lead to overstretching you limits. This could have serious health implications. Most celebrities find themselves suffering from depression and other mental disorders.

The fear of the unknown

You cannot control what your fans, sponsors, and critics will say. What will be on the news or social media the following day? There is always a possibility of negative publicity. Someone may decide to show you uncompromising photos. You are always anxious of what is to happen next.

You are always a lone ranger

Not many people would want to be associated with you. The issue of going out with someone for a date becomes tricky due to the fame you command. You start attracting following from different angles. You find yourself wanting to please everybody. You start isolating yourself to avoid stalking.

Many dos and don’ts

Your handlers may impose unnecessary limitations on you. Where to go, what to do, what to eat, and who to talk to, is no longer your choice. You no longer have the freedom to interact with friends. There is no privacy any more my friend.

Injuries are real

The possibility of having injuries as you train or perform becomes real. This is more so with athletes. Some injuries may lead to permanent disability or worse still death.

You are easily replaceable

You perform at the will of your handlers or sponsors. You should be always aware that you can be replaced if your performance is below expectation. If ego takes a better part of you, be aware of replacement.

Nobody to trust

As you advance in your career, the list of your enemies grows. Everyone becomes a suspect. You become the target of robbers and muggers.

There is a high possibility of becoming a drunkard or drug addict

Due to the new company you keep, there is a very high possibility of becoming a drunkard or drug addict. You can also start drinking or taking drugs to run away from your day-to-day challenges.

Unnecessary competition and fights with fellow celebrities

You find yourself wanting to outsmart fellow celebrities for no apparent reason. You want to dress, walk, talk, eat, or behave as they do. You are no longer yourself but somebody else. You start picking up fights with them on minor issues.

Now you know, fame and money is not a guarantee to a joyous and peaceful living. However, having said this does not mean that you should not aspire to be a celebrity. Remember, everyone has a choice to make. Whatever the case, be real, realistic and flexible.
















Interview with Esther Kotwemu by Benedict Musee

Esther is a Salonist, Teacher and gospel Musician. She lives in Nairobi with her lovely daughter.

Can you bear what Esther went through? Admittedly, it requires Gods grace and power to endure all this and remain standing and hopeful.

I interacted with Esther, and this is what she had to say,

Esther, how was your life as you grew up?

My life as a single parent child and later an orphan***

Yes, I am the third born in a family of four. My parents separated when I was two years old. My dad was a drunkard and was very violent to mum whenever he came home drunk. Together with my siblings, mother took us to our grandmothers home (her mother). Due to financial constraints, our mother was forced to go to the city (Nairobi) to look for employment. We were left in the custody of our grandmother.

You have said that you have gone through a lot if you do not mind; can you share your journey through tribulations/challenges?

I was left alone***

The first and the most painful experience was when I lost my mum in 2002; she became sick in 2001. Throughout her ailing, we were with her in Nairobi with my younger sister. As the mother’s condition grew worse, our oldest sister who came and took her for treatment and nursing. At the age of 10, I was left to take care of my younger sister and the house rent. Our sister could not take us with her due to financial constraints. What! Where was I to get money to pay rent and other obligations at my age? Our aunt who lived in Nairobi came and took my younger sister. I thought she would go with both of us, but it would not be. She claimed that she was cash trapped hence could not take the two of us. I was left there alone with no one on my side. I had no option but to look for a house help job to sustain myself.

Approved school, oh no, why***

Some months later, my uncle took me to an approved school. He had to lie for me to be admitted to the school. He promised me that he would be visiting me since it was a boarding school. However, he did not honor his promise. Thank God, my teachers noticed that I was under depression… they decided to take me for counseling sessions.

My uncle raped me***

I sat for my KCPE in 2004 and my uncle (dads brother) offered to sponsor my secondary school education…So I went to stay at his place with the hope of joining high school. Wah, Another bitter experience, the person I respected as my dad, ended up raping me at that tender age… I had to run away from his house and went to stay with my aunt (mum’s sister). It is the first time I am sharing the rape incident, I have kept it for that long, but I have decided to open up to uplift somebody. Remember sharing is healing,

It was during that time another uncle (mum’s brother) came to know of my predicament. He had a friend who owned a children’s home. He went over and told him about my situation, and he offered to assist. God came through for me through my uncles friend. He told my uncle that I should choose a school of my own choice and offered to pay the fees. I say God came through for me because my uncle wanted him to take me to one of his children’s homes. However, he offered a better option. God bless that caring man.

Am I pregnant? ***

I completed my high school education and qualified to join college. However, I was not lucky I became pregnant. Oh God, pregnant, but why was I so foolish? How could I allow this to happen? I dropped out of college and went to live with my grandmother (mum’s mother). I know you are asking where the baby’s father was, but he was just another baby father who was not responsible. He was double-dealing me with another woman. My relatives were mad at me for letting them down despite everything they had done for me. It was only my Cucu (grandma), who accepted me and assisted me until I delivered. I never gave up though… I was determined to go back to college, and God made way for me…After completing college, I started searching for a job.

I had no luck with jobs***

Getting a job was not an easy task as I thought…The jobs I got, ended up in disarray or even not being paid. I decided to move outside Kenya to see if things could change but the story was the same. I decided to come back to Kenya and requested my cousin to host me until I got a job. However, his mother told me to leave her sons house since he was married to avoid chaos. I took a house help job since I had nowhere to stay… That was in 2017 September. In January 2018 I got a job in town (Nairobi) however, it did not last long. With business being down, I was laid off with a promise they would call me back once the market picked up.

What has been your strength throughout that problematic phase?

During those awkward moments, sometimes I felt like giving up, but when I remembered my daughter, I got the strength to keep on fighting. I also contemplated committing suicide, but I told myself that committing suicide was the shortcut to hell. It was during those moments that I learned to depend and trust upon God.

When did your turnaround towards progression START? 

After losing my first job, I got another job that enabled me to pay rent and my daughter’s school fees. I was working in a salon, and things were not very bad. I worked extra hard and started saving the little I could. I had a dream of owning a salon, and this was the motivation behind my saving.

Esther, you are a salonist, right? How did you become a salonist?

Yes, I have my salon***

I had this passion since childhood. Yes the desire to own my Salon someday and yes, I now have one by God’s Grace. My dream came true in September 2018. I used the little savings I had and started the salon and so far so good, God has been faithful. All the glory to God for making this a reality I will surely worship Him until my last breath.

Apart from being a salonist what else, do you want to achieve?

A school***

I would like to own a school one day since I was once a teacher. I also want to assist others to attain education.

A children’s home***

Since I am an orphan, I have the burden for orphans in my heart, and I have a desire to start a children’s home someday to take care of the orphans and the less fortunate in our society.

Become a musician***

I have composed and written many gospel songs just saving to go and record them one of these coming days.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I want to help those who have been through rape or have gone through other traumatizing experiences, through counseling, encouraging, and equipping them with knowledge. I will ground and support them in the word of God and show them the plans God has in store for them. God still loves them as per the book of Jeremiah 29:11

What are your parting words to those who think that they cannot make it in life?

I am an orphan, having lost my mum in 2002 and my dad in 2010. I also lost my eldest sister in 2007. God has been faithful to me all through why not you? Put your trust and hope in God, and all shall be well. The only mistake you can ever make is by putting your faith in man.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell my story. I feel like a huge load has been lifted from me. I wish to forgive all those who wronged me and pray that God also forgives them.

Thank you so much, Esther, for sharing your story. I love it when you say; you have forgiven all those who wronged you because this is the first step towards healing. All the best as you pursue your dreams, however, let God be your number one in everything. I wish you all the Lord’s blessings, mercies, and wisdom.


Interview With Brittany Lewis By Benedict Musee

Have you ever felt like the world and everything in it has turned against you ? You are no match to what Brittany has gone through. She decided to speak out on a matter that many families could not speak about. I am sure many families/people will be encouraged to speak openly on mental issues affecting their loved ones.

Brittany is a writer and an author. She has written several books on poetry, children’s books, and adult novels. Brittany has a blog, brittanynicolelewis.com. She has worked as a Sunday/preschool teacher. Brittany has an Associate’s degree. She has also been a tutor for people living with disabilities. Brittany is married with two children.

I had the opportunity to interact with Brittany thereby learning about many aspects of her life. She has a heart of steel when it comes to perseverance and hope. Despite going through many tides of life, she has picked herself up and moved on. Even though her schedule is always tight, she accepted to share her experience.

Here follows the interview:

Brittany, you have had both good and bad tidings how have you been able to keep moving.

Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated, but I have always been able to come up with ideas for stories quickly and easily. There is a lot in the publishing industry that a writer cannot control, like getting a book deal or how well a blog post will be received. However, you can control how much you write, and you can control how active you are in building your platform. It is important to stay focused on the aspects of your career that are within your control.

If you do not mind, tell us more about yourself

I am married, with two young children, a daughter, and a son. We have two dogs, a black lab Border collie mix and a pit bull. When I am not writing or marketing, I love going to the library, swimming and going for walks.


You have written several books on poetry, children, and adult novels, what has been your driving force behind all this?

I feel like our society needs more messages of hope. As a society, we focus more on negative things, and I try to use my work to inspire and encourage others.


What was it like being a Sunday/preschool teacher as well as a tutor to persons with disabilities?

I loved all of those positions, and I miss doing them. I became an author when my youngest child was diagnosed with Autism so that I could devote more time to him and make sure he got the care he needed. I used my experiences working with children, as well as my degree in education to write children’s books.


Brittany, recently you signed a contract with Helheim Games studio LLC for the publication of 12 books (The independence series). You wanted to dedicate them to teachers and families living with special needs kids. What is your take on this? Why free and where will you get the funds.

My publisher and I parted ways, and I am currently looking for a new publisher for that series. I created these books to be a resource for families and teachers and many families that have special needs children also have a limited income because a lot of money goes into caring for the child. There is not always a lot of money for “extra” things, and I want to make sure that people can still have these books even if they cannot afford them. I have put together a fundraiser and have received several donations so far. All donations will be used to send free copies of these books to schools across the United States. You can view the information for the fundraiser on my website at http://www.brittanynicolelewis.com


What is the meaning of the phrase “Not to change but to understand your child?”

As a whole, it seems that our society views Autism as a bad thing. I do not. I do not think there is anything wrong with having Autism, Downs Syndrome, or any other neurological disorder. I think the only problem with Autism is how others view it. I do not want to change my son because too would be to say there is something wrong with him. There is not. However, his brain works differently than mine does, because I do not have a neurological disorder. Therefore, I want to understand him better so that I can form a deeper relationship with him.

Having lived with a child with special needs, what resources have you used to help your child adapt to change?

For someone with Autism, adapting to change is extremely difficult. That is an issue we are still working on, and probably will be for a long time.

You have written several books, kindly share the thoughts behind the following books in two sentences each,

Shine through the darkness

This book made up primarily of poetry. It describes my struggles with anxiety, depression, isolation and my search for God and my fight to break free from these strongholds.

Inside the broken mind

This is a look inside the mind of an angry teenage girl, who feels like an outcast and grapples with feelings of emotional isolation and depression.

Finding freedom    

It is the first book in the Zion Series. Katie is the main character, and as she grows older and discovers the Elders in her cult-like community were keeping secrets, she escapes and begins a new life for herself, leaving her twin brother behind.

Heir of Zion

It is the second book in the Zion Series. In this book, Michael, Katie’s twin brother is the main character.  His normal way of life halted and a new one quickly emerged, one that had been suppressed by the Elders for far too long.


It is the third book in the Zion Series. As Katie’s life is settling into normal after leaving Zion and the birth of her son, she receives the news that were to alter her reality on life. That was, the moment that Michael was so desperately wishing for, but never thought would come finally came. He was to make the hardest decision of his life, and if he was not choose correctly, he could lose everything, forever.

The Independence Series

My son is the main focus in the series, which were created to not only to teach self-help/reliance and daily living skills to children but also to spread autism acceptance, not to be confused with autism awareness.


Brittany you have worked with children/persons with special needs, is there hope for parents living with kids with special needs?

Absolutely, but as a parent or caregiver of a person with special needs, you will need to fight hard to get the services that your loved one needs. It is a daily battle. Do not give up hope and do not stop fighting.

Brittany many would want to know more about you and your works. Kindly share your social media links or contacts to your work.

Gladly, please see my links below.

My website: http://www.brittanynicolelewis.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BLewis2008

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BLewis2008

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/authorbrittanynicolelewis

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brittany-nicole-lewis-18562815a/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15082721.Brittany_Nicole_Lewis


Thank you, Brittany, for allowing me to interview you despite your tight schedule. Your work and efforts will go a long way in saving many disgruntled families.

I have read and gone through the resources, and they are fantastic. They have made me change my perspective on people living with disabilities.



4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Drop Shipping Business

Are you stuck on where to get capital or what kind of business to invest? Is your answer is yes, continue reading? What is drop shipping anyway? Drop shipping is a process where the retailer, sells products to the consumer without having stocks physically. The retailer organizes with the supplier to ship the product direct to the consumer.


What Role Do You Play as a Retailer?

As the retailer, you are the contact person between the supplier and the customer. The good thing though, you will make money. Once a customer places an order and payment, you send the request to the supplier. The supplier, ships the product to the consumer. That is it the sale is complete.

Is Drop Shipping a Worthy Investment?

To answer this question, let us consider the following reasons,

 Offers a wide range of product line,

 Requires little or no capital to run which enables you to provide different types of products.

 It is timesaving.

You do not need to ship, receive, or store the products, which requires a lot of time.

Cost effective.

You require little capital to start and run the business. All costs related to storage, transportation, and labor minimal.

Minimized risks

All risks that come with inventories are minimal.

Your Worries are No More

Let us go back to our question, is drop shipping a worthy venture? Yes, it is. It is simple to operate and minimizes operational risks. With a good website, you are ready to go.